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Welcome to TerraCelestialis astrology and magic services. My goal as your astrologer and mage is to help you create a life with outcomes that give you deep contentment, help you engage deeper with the world around you, and completely awaken you to the enchantment of this little rock hurling through space around a golden star.

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I offer many different reading options and also teach magically-oriented astrology classes. I'm also happy to chat about astrology or magic for your podcast or at your next event.


What People Are Saying:

  • Ivy
    I had a birthday reading with my new friend @feralvenefica today and I am floored! It was amazing! She's super perceptive, direct, kind, and exactly on my wavelength! To get astrological remediation magic suggestions, right along with the reading? Stunning! Highly recommended!
  • Asphodelo Stregganio
    I have just had a consult with @feralvenefica and I have to say. Absolutely the best, the clarity with which my chart was explained has given me an insight to themes in my life and blown it wide open. I will be having follow up consults and my Fixed stars read soon. 10/10
  • Sam Reynolds
    Learn more about the stars in astrology. So many are talking about "sidereal" astrology, but not saying jack about the actual stars! Learn from a meticulous learner and teacher.
  • Ashley
    ok and also, I’m totally won over on solar return readings. as a rule I tend to prefer astro as a reflective tool but @feralvenefica made me feel SO solid for what’s in store, which in turn makes me trust my gut that much more, she’s such a gift y’all!!
  • Cherice
    With Amaya's help, I feel like I’m handling my Saturn return pretty damn good! Just know she has 5 -6 years of accurate receipts from the predictions she's done for me.
  • Chris
    I just finished being serenaded by @feralvenefica's Siren Star Song. Incredible on so many levels. Her insights and lofty story telling is grounded with bits of endearing commentary. She's helped remind me of how all of this work is a remembering of my connection to the divine. It's slightly overwhelming to hear of the work I am intended to do and I have so many questions I can't form words to. I think this is a wonderful problem to have. Anyways go get a reading from her. I was feeling deflated but Amaya's help me find the wind to get me moving again.
  • Gabriella
    Had a wonderful fixed star consultation with the wonderful, kind, knowledgeable, and all around amazing astrologer and human being @feralvenefica. Her reading confirmed my spiritual path and I am so excited to continue down this journey
  • Ivonne
    The Siren Star Songs reading by @feralvenefica is so refreshing, full of insightful information and engaging stories! Highly recommended if you want to dig deeper into your true mission in this world.  <3
  • Mia
    Had a consultation with @feralvenefica yesterday and it was fantastic! SO much good information that I haven’t yet had time to process. Amaya was warm and a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend if you are wondering what the year ahead. Also-remediation because I love homework!
  • Nishi
    My following is small + know this will receive scant attention however I want to say how great the reading with @feralvenefica was for me. She is highly knowledgeable, can communicate brilliantly and the whole experience was very worthwhile. Highly recommend her services.
  • A.
    Extending infinite thanks and blessings to @feralvenefica for the natal chart reading I received today. She helped me affirm so much of what I felt intuitively, providing me with the springboard I needed to leap into the next phase of my soul's journey. Thank you, so much.
  • Angela
    Loved my fixed star reading with @feralvenefica and the tips and tricks to tap in. It spoke to a lot of what seen transpire in my life and gave me avenues to embrace what’s there. LOVED IT!
  • Eliza
    Now my turn to trumpet @feralvenefica praises! Her fixed star reading illuminated so many gaps I've always pondered on in my natal chart. It was such a treat to have her translate and animate these stories!!!! Keep the bookings going! (And gift for your loved ones?!)
  • Steph
    Finally got my parans read by the lovely @feralvenefica and it's true what they all say! It's like having your chart read in 4D instead of 2D by a talented storyteller. Brb, gotta overcome my trepidation and go purchase some Algol stuff immediately
  • Adina
    I just finished up a wonderful reading with the brilliant @feralvenefica talking about my fixed stars!!! her talent is truly special, and if you want a history and mythology lesson and an affirmation of your entire life story all rolled into one, book with amaya
  • Eric
    @feralvenefica is a wizard! If you haven't had a star song reading I highly recommend it. It is shocking how each technique lines up with, colors, and adds details to others. My star reading was not what I'd anticipated but it was far more than I'd expected! Book her now!
  • Diana
    I had the DISTINCT PLEASURE of talking with @feralvenefica for an entire two hours today, one hour of which was her excellent fixed stars consult!!! I already love stars (duh) but the way Amaya cohered my parans into an Extremely Relevant arc was just ugh SO GOOD & AFFIRMING
  • B
    @feralvenefica gave me a natal chart reading yesterday and it was so insightful and informative! She gave me new ways of understanding the aspects of my chart I have a hard time seeing. i'm very excited about my Bacchic Jupiter
  • Chelsea
    Ok I literally can’t say enough how much I absolutely adore @feralvenefica. I had a year ahead reading with her back in May and now I had a fixed star reading. TLDR; It was so incredibly affirming and well explained!!!!! Amaya masterfully weaved history and mythology with delineations and connections to my chart and life. All the components came together into a clear story by the end of the journey around the sky, paired with relevant gentle advice and guidance. esp needed for my Saturn return. Fixed stars can go so far beyond looking at conjunctions on a circle chart, and it’s so amazing to have someone with more expertise break it down! Everyone needs this reading!!!
  • A
    My reading with @feralvenefica was quite enchanting even the stars say I am following the right path and I just hope it’s going somewhere where I can honor and thank Algol for being on my side in this life
  • D
    My siren song reading with @feralvenefica was amazing, super informative & left me feeling so validated & capable!! Thank you so much for your energy today! GO BOOK RIGHT NOW!!
  • Jonathon
    Received such an affirming and insightful reading on the stars in my chart from @feralvenefica today. So appreciate her generosity with her time and knowledge! Not to mention the added bonus of her experience on the plant path. Always a joy to meet a kindred spirit.
  • Sarah
    Jumping on the @feralvenefica recommendation train. I’ve never had such a thoughtful + comprehensive reading. Also: I DON’T FEEL SOFA KING CRAZY ANYMORE! So many revelations. I wish this had happened sooner, but she was worth the wait.
  • Chelsea
    I am now caffeinated after some super fun early morning astrology with Amaya!!! Love how she broke down my super busy year ahead piece by piece and I maybe already have bought the suggested remediation materia over breakfast haha thank you so so much!
  • Jaime
    I had a natal chart + year ahead reading today with @feralvenefica and it was truly such a wonderful experience! Amaya is incredibly knowledgeable, warm, was patient with my tech issues, and just made me feel really excited to learn more, especially about fixed stars.  Absolutely 100% would recommend getting a reading from her, whether you’re new to astrology or more experienced. She even gave me tea recommendations, which is the way to my heart!
  • Jolie
    A big thank you 2 @feralvenefica 4 the awesome consultation yesterday! She answered all my ?'s & was encouraging & supportive throughout. I particularly loved how she wove the Fixed Stars in & managed to elucidate some of the puzzles in my life/chart. Thank u for the insight!!
  • Jessica
    A big thank you 2 @feralvenefica 4 the awesome consultation yesterday! She answered all my ?'s & was encouraging & supportive throughout. I particularly loved how she wove the Fixed Stars in & managed to elucidate some of the puzzles in my life/chart. Thank u for the insight!!
  • Rain
    Just had a natal/year ahead astrological consultation with @feralvenefica that was just wonderful. Extremely thoughtful, integrated, & insightful. Super helpful for clarifying big picture issues in my life right now, and I’ll be chewing on it for a while. Highly recommended!!
  • Lucy
    @feralvenefica gave me an incredible reading that was crammed with information, helped ground me in the year to come and I walked away practical tips to deal with it all. So grateful to you, Amaya, and really enjoyed it!
  • Serena
    I had the pleasure of once again receiving a year-ahead reading from @feralvenefica and I just have to repeat, in case you have somehow previously missed my praise of her, how absolutely wonderful and gifted she is. Even while explaining less-than-pleasant configurations she maintained such gentle and compassionate energy. If you are looking for a consult with an empathetic and informed astrologer, I can’t recommend her enough.
  • Chelsea
    Public shout out and to @feralvenefica!!! During my fixed star reading she recommended milk thistle tincture and ACV to help my stupid sinuses. I’ve been using them both for a week and WOW I can breathe?!?!?! All day??? And night??? With both nostrils??? I’m not in pain?!?!?!
  • Brian
    Well that was wonderful. Thank you @feralvenefica for giving me all the tools to white knuckle through the rest of 2020 and on to greener fjords! Fantastic reading, warm but not coddling, real but not harsh, and most importantly ACCURATE.  Five stars. Would do again.
  • Ashley
    I had a super wonderful fixed star reading with @feralvenefica this morning which was such a treat while I’m digesting my notes tonight I pulled out my Cosmos tarot + oracle for the first time in awhile for some visuals for reflection. I have a lot to think about but what was so special about Amaya’s reading was that, while I’ve gotten to know and be friends with my chart over the years, the fixed stars added new depth + specificity. I’m looking back at my planetary placements now and admiring with fresh eyes the ways in which they tell a story with the sky as a whole. big exciting work to do on the themes of creativity, artistic uses of anger+trauma response, and physicality!
  • Drew
    I highly recommend @feralvenefica for astrology consultations! Just sat with her for a reading which was insightful, supportive and affirming. I loved the tips she gave for remediation!
  • Serena
    I would be lying if i said I didn’t reference something @feralvenefica said in my year-ahead reading EVERY DAY since we had it
  • Heath
    I do routine magical Jupiter and Mercury remediation (rule my luminaries + angles, both debilitated), as well as w Venus (Saturn-ruled L2). I just had my unemployment case reopen after months of nothing and got over 5k added to my account yesterday.
  • Ashley M.
    Amaya is hilarious and no-nonsense. My magical path consultation with her was like speaking with a magical being of indeterminate age that I met out of nowhere at the edge of a wildflower meadow, and she handed me some juicy apples and sharp insights. I came out of our session with practical and applicable next steps for breathing life back into my artistic and magical practices after a year of wrestling with a difficult Pluto transit — I know I'll come back to our conversation again and again in the weeks ahead and I am deeply grateful.
    Ashley M.